Monolith House

Clifton Hill

Monolith House is an Edwardian house renovation, with a two-storey extension located in Clifton Hill. This was an ‘owner/ builder’ project, so the design had to be simple enough for the client to engage in the build process, yet with enough finesse to sell upon completion. The architect and client worked closely together to resolve complications with practical solutions. In the end, it was all about the detail. from the poplar ply finish in the kitchen to the unusual picket fence that met approval from the heritage assessor at Council, the outcome was a cohesive design that came together perfectly with excellent finishes and materials. wherever you are in the home, you feel that there is something exciting hiding around the corner. This lovely house is located in the quiet inner-city Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill.

Local Government Authority

City of Yarra


Clifton Hill

Traditional Custodians

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung


Owner Builder

I saw our building site today and the house is just going to be so wonderful. It’s so beautiful, I’m very thankful for your talent. I can picture myself in front of my French fire next to some curvy concrete.

Shannon, South Yarra

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